5. having A ハウス party

  6. across the river from the deck at the Pump House #sketchbook

  7. dog, dog, dog

  8. baby sister’s baby’s baby expressions. #sketchbook


  9. swamptitan:

    Review of my comic swampson, cool, very exciting. Buy comic here Swampson.storenvy.com

    a cartoonist i like saying good and true things about a cartoonist i like

  10. telephone drawing makes new things happen

  11. coffeeshop cmx

  12. saturday morning, lying in bed; drew a head.

  13. example drawings from some cmx tutoring I did a little while ago. Capturing gesture and layering on mass, anatomy, and clothing/etc using natty geo to prompt imagination.

  14. just got back to alaska; here are some airplane drawings

  15. privatespectaclepress:

    Birthday drawing for one of my favourite humans

    wonderful to me