1. Sighted last weekend at Bizarro-Wuxtry after FLUKE in Athen, Georgia.

  3. I’ve got another strip up on 4panel.ca! And take a browse while you’re there — some really neat comics to be found.

    (Source: 4panel)

  4. thesebearsarehappy:

    not sure why it took me 7 months to post this. but hey, thanks to spx and all of the artists who were willing to spend their time doing this.
    they were all super nice. before i knew it my sketchbook was getting passed around to a lot of talented people, some i just met and some i’ve admired for a long time. thx doodz.
    and i guess it should also be noted that matt, todd and i didn’t exhibit at Small Press Expo, just attended.

    nedroidcomics  anthony clark

    dharbin dustin harbin

    kochalka james kochalka

    jeffreybrowncomics.blogspot.com jeffrey brown

    popgunwar farel dalrymple

    mumblethief christopher green

    josharonch josh rosen

    privatespectaclepress marta chudolinska

    misterhayden mister hayden

    kaykedrawsthings kayla miller

    kittenberg.com matt harrison

    toddbot.com  walldrawing todd webb

    Neat to see the end result — thanks Greg!

  5. SAW at FLUKE at NOW

  6. two more new comics for FLUKE! (That makes 5 lil babies taking the stage for the first time tomorrow)

  7. inks for a 4-pass riso cover

  8. drawing from the other day

  9. vroom

  10. I get the most pleasure from the things I draw in books and while talking on the phone

  11. illustration (with inspiration from Persian/Turkish miniatures)

  12. a drawing

  13. Here’s three of the books I’m printing for athensfluke! Now all there is to do is wait for the remaining piles of paper to grow some willpower and assemble themselves…

  14. notes from academic comic conference going on right now in Gainesville. Academics can be silly. Currently reading “You’ll Never Know” and looking forward to Carol Tyler’s keynote tonight

  15. printing for athensfluke has begun!