1. nestoftents:

    Friday, October 24th 6 pm at the Cardboard Castle (1625 Placer)

    film + potluck + games! Join us to watch the screening of a short stop animation music video created by Christopher Green and Nick Meurlott for the song “Cardboard Streams Forever” by dangerlot. Next will be a sneak peek of Ryan Bateman’s “Howling” from his Dry Cabin Session, to be released this November. Afterwards we will eat, drink and play board games!

    Full-res photo of event invitation photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/duh17/15388965159/

    fb event: http://www.facebook.com/events/866754670025761/

  2. 24hr comic in progress and, dare i say it, on track (barely)!

  3. the garage when f. king goes on holiday #sketchbook

  4. "why did he lie about being at home" wondered the melk

  6. skype doodle

  7. winsor mccay was manga influenced.

  9. privatespectaclepress:

    I’m Upset, watercolour on arches paper, 7” x 9.25”, Sept 2014. 


  10. is the price of pork too high a price to pay?

  11. reading the instructions

  12. columb and snid. part time waffle exporters.

  13. #sketchbook

  14. #sketchbook

  15. #sketchbook