1. privatespectaclepress:

    I’m Upset, watercolour on arches paper, 7” x 9.25”, Sept 2014. 


  2. is the price of pork too high a price to pay?

  3. reading the instructions

  4. columb and snid. part time waffle exporters.

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  7. #sketchbook

  8. swamptitan:

    This is the reprint of my comic anthology swampson, it was a huge effort but I’m extremely happy with it maybe even more than the first printing it took ten staples to put just or of these together catch me at the sequential artist workshop table to purchase one or just hmu I’m excited to meet new people at this con, if you wanna meet up at this email me at copperduck@gmail.com

    good cmx


  9. redinkradio:

    I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about my life before The Center for Cartoon Studies, or, more accurately—my state of mind. Before I moved to White River Junction, Vermont in the summer of 2011 I was living in NYC struggling to make ends meet and publishing my webcomic…

    redinkradio & situology, A wise man at sequentialartistsworkshop once told me that the best advice he ever received was “nobody’s watching, nobody cares.” This is also some of the best advice I’ve received, but not because its true —when you put things into a public space people /are/ watching, and I think there is a responsibly that comes with that which is important to remember. The power of that statement for me comes because it is a much-needed reminder that they aren’t watching half as much as I think they are, and they care even less. There can be such refreshing freedom in remembering that! (That last bit does not apply to my wonderful mother, however)
  10. remodelling

  11. privatespectaclepress:


    A comic about roleplaying games, and the insidious ways in which they are corrupting today’s youth.

    (ps: still have physical copies available for purchase here)

    My boy Josh killing it, D&D style <3

    i like this comic a lot

  12. lunch drawthing

  14. My flesh won’t make it to SPX this year, but a lower-dimensional appearance /will/ be made, in the form of a 22 page 2-color, fold-out-magic story in the sequentialartistsworkshop anthology, “Framework,” which will be making its debut! 

    Copies will also be available, on a table beside aformentioned flesh, in November at Short Run